Sagem 6680T PVR 80GB HD

The Sagem 6680T is a powerful digital reciver or a so called set top box.
It has built in harddrive for recording up to 37hours (80GB).

Doubble tuner for recording and watch a different program at the same time.
USB and memorycard reader allowing you to put up a photoalbum on the harddrive.

You canīt copy the recorded material via the USB jack :-(
I have today not tested the photoalbum yet...

I have owned the unit in 2 weeks now and it works just fine, easy to record via Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
For sound it has 3,5mm stereo connector and a digital optical outlet.

RF modulator and connections for 2 scart cables.
Unit runs on 12V comes with  DC adapter.

It has very nice menues for navigation.
Takes about 30 seconds from sleep to start.

It takes a short time between channel changes due to the digital decoding.



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