PST 2051 Rotator

Prosistel PST-2051 rotator

No brake, wormdriven, accurate, digital roatatorbox.

Hard to change POT  when damaged while installed in tower (mounted under the rotator)
Rotator box connector to small (microphone connector) the cable has to be very thin...
Connector on rotator was very good but plastic..

Antenna pointing more than 360degrees 400? i think it is more...:-)
Different transformer windings for motor power if long  cable...
Connector on backside of controlbox for easy acess.(Stearing signals from computer etc).

I have tried this rotator for more than a year, i have the rotator box B.
I tried to stear the antennas then i was doing service on the mast but the rotator didnt like to move then.
It was a few VHF/UHF antennas mounted then. But i can asure you that its a lot stronger than my CDE HAM IV (HAM4).