Now i have tested to put negative voltage to ALC input there was no difference.
The ICOM 910H  have not so fine output as i wanted :-( hope they be better for future transceivers..

I have now worked a few new squares and the PA seems to help a lot still running fine in 3
  4 hour contests and some ragchewing:-) 


I have now tested the PA on one contest day, it worked well.
The airstream was about 42 degrees Celsius after a long calling CQ periode.

I was told only by one station that i was to wide in spectrum.
This happens to be from the transceiver and not from the PA so now i have
to try and put some low voltage on the ALC input on the transmitter
(ICOM 910H) and see if it helps. I hope so because i like the Transceiver.
And my father doesnt like the splatter on the TV screen:-).

The PA is a
Discovery by Linear AMP UK built around a Svetlana GS31.